TITAN™ Next Generation fracturing platform, with leading chemistry offerings featuring the ThinFrac™ family of friction reducers, and advanced digital solutions centered around our machine learning-enabled FACTS™ operating system.



  • Reduces greenhouse gas emission
  • Improves well economics
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Increases mobility
  • Enhanced reliability while meeting strict noise-reduction requirements
“I am pleased with the innovation and progress that the team has achieved surrounding the ongoing development of the TITAN platform over the past year.”
– Andrew Gould, Chairman, BJ Energy Solutions
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More about TITAN

  • ESG

    Best in class emissions profile meets most stringent noise regulations in North America, and reduces consumption & location size​

  • ML & AI “Facts”

    BJ Fully Integrated & Control Telemetry harmonizes fleet performance and remote operations

  • No Idle Capability

    Technology designed to shutdown during non pump operations – reducing emissions​

  • Modular High-Power Density

    5,000 HHP Direct Drive Turbine Frac Pumps – reduces required space by 50% compared to conventional​

  • Mechanical Direct Drive

    Minimizes parasitic losses offering the cleanest Fuel to HHP conversion​

  • Designed for Contingency

    No single point of failure, in case of gas interruption, and units auto switch to backup diesel​

  • Simulfrac Ready

    High power density/small footprint, innovative blender design, and automated controls​