Surface Equipment

Our in-house engineering team focuses on building reliability and performance into pressure pumping. BJ’s fleets are comprised of standardized, well-maintained equipment. We take a system-wide approach to engineering to deliver a new level of reliability and performance for our clients.


Our digital framework vision and strategy is based on the key principles to leverage the Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Integrated Customer real-time initiatives to drive business excellence by improving reliability of operations, enhancing customer satisfaction and capabilities and generating revenue through differentiated data products.

Intellectual Property

BJ Energy Solutions technology is protected by more than 75 patents, including our equipment, our chemistry, and our software.


At BJ Energy Solutions, we package technology and chemistry with analytics and innovation to meet industry demands and deliver results. Our in-house designed chemistry is playing a larger and more critical part in creating efficiency gains through wellsite delivery, fracture optimization and fluid design for our clients.


BJ Energy Solutions actively engages in thought leadership in the oil and gas industry and technology community. Experts regularly publish technical papers, write editorials, and participate in conferences to share their latest research outcomes and achievements. Check out our publications to learn more about our technologies, engineering and operations.