TITAN Platform

Beginning in 2018, BJ embarked on an engineering initiative to develop an Industry-leading next generation fracturing platform. The initial program objectives included: solving for reduced operating expenses, improved emissions and improved reliability. Through in-depth analysis which included an evaluation of power and pump designs along with joint collaboration with Oil & Gas operators, a set of objectives were established.

Any next-generation technology must solve for the following:

  • Improvement of GHG and non-GHG emissions
  • Equipment powered by Natural Gas, eliminating the use of Diesel fuel
  • Improved reliability
  • Reduced equipment footprint
  • Improved pad-to-pad mobility
  • Reduced noise, capable of meeting the most stringent noise standards
  • Reduced maintenance and personnel costs
  • Competitive capital cost in all market cycles

As a result of this technology evaluation, BJ determined that an advanced design of a turbine direct-drive mechanical system would result in the best solution to address the broadest spectrum of industry needs across North American Oil and Gas Basins.

The TITAN Fleet is powered by 5,000 Horsepower (HHP) direct-drive natural gas-fired turbines, capable of delivering one of the most efficient ‘power to pump’ combinations available. Fueled by natural gas, the TITAN supports the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, reduced costs, improved mobility, and reliable operations while meeting the most stringent noise reduction requirements across North America.

The TITAN pumping platform enables a wide variety of fuel options including Field Gas, LNG, CNG, and even Diesel when gas options are not available. The fleet contains “Matched Power” technology, providing BJ with ultimate control in customizing the amount of HHP rigged in on location to maximize both the Pumping Capability and Power to reduce waste, while optimizing efficiency and fuel economy.

The TITAN HHP is supported by electrified support equipment, with the ability to power utilizing either the 4.2MW TITAN mobile power generator or existing high line infrastructure or micro grids, greatly reducing overall infrastructure cost.

TITAN™ Next-Generation fracturing platform, with leading chemistry offerings featuring the ThinFrac™ family of friction reducers, and advanced digital solutions centered around our machine learning-enabled FACTS™ operating system.




■ Reduces emissions and carbon footprint 
■ Fuel cost savings and improved economics
■ Reduced on-site personnel
■ Reduced operating footprint
■ Enhanced mobility
■ Improved fleet reliability
■ Exceeds Colorado light industry noise standards