BJ Energy Solutions Reaches Milestone with its TITAN Fleet

BJ Energy Solutions Reaches Milestone with its TITAN Fleet

BJ Energy Solutions’ first 40,000 Horsepower (HHP) TITAN fleet began a phased deployment in the Haynesville on Jan. 5, becoming fully operational by Jan. 31.

The fleet has surpassed a cumulative 7,000 TITAN pump hours and is the first fleet to use 100% natural gas for fracturing completions in Haynesville.

“We have been very pleased with the TITAN fleet deployment and are excited about the potential that this fleet has to improve our emissions and well economics,” said Mike Warren, SVP Drilling & Completions, Aethon Energy.

During the month of April, the Company also completed independent emissions testing of the pump and further validated its emissions profile.

“We are excited with the results from third-party emissions testing, which have exceeded our expectations,” said Warren Zemlak, BJ Energy Solutions CEO.

Core to the fleet is the TITAN pump which is powered by a direct-drive natural gas-fired turbine, capable of delivering over 5,000 HHP and provides one of the most efficient “power to pump” combinations available. The TITAN supports the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, improved well economics, footprint, mobility, and reliability while meeting the most stringent noise-reduction requirements across North America.

“I am pleased with the innovation and progress that the team has achieved surrounding the ongoing development of the TITAN platform over the past year,” said Andrew Gould, chairman of BJ Energy Solutions. “Environmental performance at the well site will be key to the continuation of the development of oil and gas resources in North America. TITAN will make a significant contribution to this in the hydraulic fracturing market.”

Article published by World Oil on April 29, 2021