BJ’s strategy is to champion sustainable products and emissions reduction through the investment, development, and commercialization of lower carbon technologies. Application of BJ’s innovation supports the Oil & Gas Industry’s endeavors to continuously improve its environmental impact and social responsibility.

With a rich legacy beginning in 1872, BJ has 150 years of technology innovation. Today, BJ is evolving once again and launching a new generation of technologies that support sustainability and emission reductions for our clients who are engaged in the responsible exploration and production of oil and natural gas resources.

BJ’s TITAN Next-Generation Platform Offers Best-in-Class Emission Profile


Annual GHG Emissions Offset from Each TITAN Fleet are Equivalent To: 


GHG Emissions from
Passenger Vehicles
Driven for One Year
CO2 Emissions from
Pounds of Coal Burned
Carbon sequestered by
Acres of U.S. Forest
*compared to Tier IV engine with 85% diesel substitution operating in Haynesville